Who are Connections in Mind?

Connections in Mind was founded in 2015 by three like minded women who, together, wanted to be instrumental in making the current UK education system less challenging for students with executive function challenges.

Imogen and Bettina had been working together for a number of years supporting individual students executive functioning.  They met Victoria at a training course she organised led by one of the world’s foremost experts in supporting children with executive function deficits Dr Peg Dawson. They soon realised that they were all passionate about helping students succeed and shared goals and ideas which would make them excellent business partners.

The business is going from strength to strength.  We now have over 30 coaches on our books, we working with a number of schools and have developed and launched our Connected Parenting Course – for parents of children with EF challenges. We are looking forward to bring many new innovative services to parents, children and schools in the coming years.

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Tel: 0208 050 1605

Email: info@connectionsinmind.co.uk